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Your Website is the First Impression of your Business

For most people, the first impression they will have about your business is your website.  Think about it, how often do you look for a new roofer, a new restaurant, or look into a new non-profit by going to their website first.  Potential customers and clients come to your website to learn:

  • UWho are you?
  • UDo you have what I’m looking for?
  • UCan I trust your business?

What is your website (or lack of a website saying about your business)?

Our goal as an agency is to make our clients look good online (and off).

If you don’t look good, we don’t look good!

Vidal Sassoon

Recent Website Projects

Ready for a website that makes your business look good?

Why Choose Digital Media Butterfly to Design and Develop your Business’ website?

  • All aspects of your website, from your homepage messaging to the site layout to the images used, are strategically thought out to give your business the best results.
  • Websites are designed to look fresh, modern, and consistent with your company’s branding.
  • Working with our copywriters, we will write copy that’s clear, sharp, and interesting to keep users engaged and get them where they need to go.
  • You can rest assured that your site will be securely developed and function on all devices for a quick load and an optimal customer experience.

Restaurant Sites

Non-Profit Sites

Author Sites

Why Should Your Business have a Professionally Designed and Developed Website?

  • It’s not enough that you just have a website, you must have a professional-looking site if you want to be taken seriously.
  • Professionally Designed websites will have better search engine performance (i.e. it will be ranked higher on Google and other search engines).
  • Since many consumers now search for information online prior to working with a particular company, your site may be the first chance you have at making a good impression on a potential customer.