Connie’s Cleaning


When Connie came to us, she had just decided to leave a different cleaning company to begin her own and wanted to build a website for her new business.


Website Creation

Kate had been working with Connie to create branding and business cards, so she was excited to begin the website and incorporate fun and feminine branding into the website. Connie loved the branding and knew she wanted to display her services, encourage booking new clients, and promote that she’s currently hiring on her site.

Kate met with Connie to understand all the desires Connie had for her website, such as the pages to describe her process and her services. Kate shared these notes with Katie, who wrote the copy for the website. Katie wanted to match the branding of the caring and fun vibe and incorporate it into the copy, so she worked to make sure that the copy was adequately describing the services but not in an aggressive way. Kate built the website with the branding she had previously created and Katie’s copy, making it unique with the colors, new icons, and a fun nature throughout the website in a professional way.

Kate enjoyed creating the branding for this project, so making multiple pages on the website that were fun but balanced professionalism was an exciting challenge for Kate because she knew that would attract the ideal clientele to Connie’s services.

With her new site, Connie now has a way for new or returning clients to easily book, understand her services, the heart of her business, and even learn about the open positions– Connie’s website allows clients of all ages and lifestyles to easily navigate and understand.

“It looks great!”

Connie Ramey

Connie's Cleaning Service

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