Let’s Face It . . .

You are good at running your business and probably are too busy running that business to optimize your online presence on your own. That is where we come in. Let Digital Media Butterfly use our talents to streamline and run your online presence so that you can focus your talents on running your business.

We know that you have choices when looking for an agency to design your website or run your marketing campaigns and we are glad that you are taking a look at working with us.  We have over 20 years experience in business and technology with expertise in social media branding and marketing, web design, technical writing, and client/customer communication. We love technology and helping people, and have found a great way to marry that through Digital Media consulting.

Our Typical Clients . . .

Work with us to find the best most solutions for all the types of digital marketing their company is using.  We typically work with clients to create new websites and set up/integrate their social media presence and enhance their existing social media efforts. We will also work with you to help turn social media fans, followers, and likes into customers for you.

Information Resource

Navigating the world of Digital Media can be confusing at times. I am here to be your guide and to guide your business on the best path, whether it be in Website Development and Optimization, Social Media and Reputation Marketing, or any other aspect of marketing your business.
Have a question about how the internet works or if the new Social Media network is right for your business?  Ask me, I would be more than happy to share my knowledge with you.
And, don’t worry, if I don’t know the answer, I will just tell you so (and then probably research it to have the answer for you next time we talk).


If I am unable to connect with you when you call or email me, my goal is to return all phone calls within one business day and to respond to all email within two business days.  If my response time is going to be longer than that, typically there will be an auto-response on my email.

Direct Communication

All clients communicate directly with me (or the contractor working on their project), so you are always talking to the same person who is performing the work.  Digital Media Butterfly projects benefit from the personal touch of this relationship.

Accuracy and Speed

While these two may not seem to go together, it is important to always view one in the context of another.  I will work with you to get your projects done in the timeliest manner, but I will always choose to complete a project accurately vs. just getting the project out the door.

Honest and Realistic about Tasks and Deadlines

Want me to guarantee that your next YouTube video will go viral? Want me to create a website that will double the number of customers coming through your door?  Want a new website in 2 days?
Well, you’ve got the wrong girl.  I will do my best to create wonderful results for you and your company, but I will not make promises that I can’t keep.