Caryn Brown



Caryn started Digital Media Butterfly in 2012 to help business owners manage their websites and social media. Little did she know, this one-woman operation would transform into a full-service agency supporting clients across Texas and the United States. Her main goal has always been to help both individuals and businesses reach their full potential through effective messaging and marketing strategies.

As a former IT geek, Caryn has been designing dynamic websites since 1998. To this day, she still loves bringing a client’s vision to life by producing websites that effectively communicate the heart of their business.

In 2008, Caryn became the leader of the Waco Social Media Group, which allowed her to further pursue her passion for bringing people together via social media. By connecting with others in the industry, Caryn has turned the Waco Social Media Group into a vibrant community of influential marketing professionals.

When she’s not teaching people how digital marketing can benefit them both professionally and personally, Caryn enjoys spending time with her husband, Mike, and their two boys. They love trying new restaurants, escaping to the beach, and watching Friends reruns.

While Caryn interacts with every Digital Media Butterfly client, she also relies on a team of talented creatives who strive for excellence with each project they tackle. Please take a few moments to meet the butterflies who make it all happen.

 How Caryn Got Here . . .

Caryn has been designing websites since 1998 and has genuinely enjoyed the technological advances brought about in recent years that have allowed her clients to have greater control over the content on their sites.

Caryn began leading the Waco Social Media Group in 2008 and has since turned it into a vibrant community.