Katie Smith

Copywriting Intern


Katie is one of Digital Media Butterfly’s Copywriting Interns from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She will be graduating from Baylor University in 2022 with a degree in Professional Writing and Rhetoric. Katie has loved her time at Baylor, learning to discover how to turn her love for writing into a career. She found Digital Media Butterfly and quickly realized that copywriting and digital marketing are something she truly enjoys doing. She spends her free time playing with her two dogs, baking, or hanging out with friends, who describe her as bubbly, social, and humorous. Katie hopes to one day run her own business and live in a lakefront town. She enjoys her time at Digital Media Butterfly because of the friendly and encouraging staff and an environment where she is welcome to grow in her writing.

Katie Smith Copywriting Intern

Katie Smith Copywriting Intern

As my senior year of college approached, I needed to find an internship to meet my degree requirements. In a turn of luck, I ended up at Digital Media Butterfly as a Copywriting Intern. I immediately learned that this internship would be more than just an internship...