Social Media


As we began working with Advantage Fixtures in December 2020, we used their social media to further brand awareness of Advantage’s products.


Katie Smith


Social Media Content

Brand Awareness

Our goal was to better define what Advantage Fixtures offers and how they are the United States Mass Distributor of Slatbox products; it was important to them to share that with their audience.


When Advantage Fixtures wants to offer a discount, such as a holiday sale or teacher appreciation, we promote it through LinkedIn advertising, social media posts, and we enable the coupon code on their website along with a header so any website visitor can see it. This takes the stress off the team at Advantage Fixtures from having to promote the sale and focus on fulfilling orders.


As a company that sells organizational products, we use their social media account to show what their products can do properly. We stick to their branded colors and styles, more circular and “fun” elements. When we make their social media posts, we offer ideas on why to purchase, such as organizing spaces in your home, classroom, or business. We highlight customer photos of Advantage Fixtures products in use to promote customer engagement.


To help Advantage Fixtures reach a broader audience in new fields, we have begun to run advertisements on LinkedIn to bring in a new audience. This allows us to help Advantage Fixtures get their products shared with a new demographic and to help bring awareness to their company.

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