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Alma came to us looking to build a website to promote her traveling wine tasting event business. Alma is a Silver Pin Sommelier whose goal is to bring the Napa Valley wine experience to any one, any where.


Website Creation

Kate had been working with Alma to create branding that fit her vintage but modern design preferences. Her branding became a combination of burgundy, browns, and pinks, a color pallet both Kate and Alma loved. Once they nailed down the branding, Kate jumped into working on the website.

Alma’s goal for the site was to explain what she does and how her events work, allow potential customers to see where she will be traveling in the coming months, and provide the opportunity to book a tasting event. Katie had collected ideas for the site’s copy from example sites that Alma had provided for both copy and design ideas. These other sites had strong feminine energy, but we wanted to remain more neutral in copy and branding to avoid attracting one audience group over another.

Once they decided on the basic needs for the site, Kate and Alma also chose to include a Pairing Guide in which Alma would provide wine and food pairings that site visitors could do at home.

Kate and Katie both enjoyed working on this project. Alma’s business is unique, and her site reflects that to the fullest. Kate made sure that all of the images used throughout the site were relevant and insightful to Alma’s experience. Including blog posts about her previous events also allows potential customers to envision themselves at Alma’s tasting.

With her new site, Alma now has an easy way for new or returning clients to easily submit a booking request, understand her business and the services she provides, and even pick up some DIY recipes.

“Thank you so much Kate, it looks perfect!”

Alma Ambrose

Napa In Your Valley

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