Now that November has come and gone, we’re ready for the winter holidays and daydreaming about a chilly winter! Fueled by Dr. Pepper and leftover Halloween candy, our team has been working hard to help our clients stand out this holiday season!

Starting the month off, we launched the Set Apart Farms website– a Houston-based, veteran owned and operated nonprofit that works to rehabilitate veteran families. The website highlights recovery programs, outreach programs, the owners’ story, and how Set Apart Farms houses veterans and their families to aid the rehabilitation process. Kate worked on this website to ensure that it was easily navigable, and adequately shared the owners’ story and what the nonprofit offers. Loving nonprofit work, Kate loved the opportunity to create a website that helps not just veterans but their families.

A second website launch was for Lynda Kaye Frazier, an Arkansian author. Lynda’s website displays her books and where to purchase them alongside her blog posts. Kate made sure that this website helps her readers and those interested in her work find her books, learn more about what she writes about, and get an inside look into her mind through her blogs.

Outside of websites, we worked on George’s Restaurant Bar and Catering to add new options to their website. The first is an online ordering page. A new feature that George’s offers are online ordering to pick up in the store or for delivery. Kate worked to launch a marketing campaign to let George’s customers know about this option and a way to seamlessly allow users to avoid the wait of calling the store and ordering their George’s favorites online. Alongside the new ordering option, Kate created a Thanksgiving ordering form for both George locations. This page allowed customers to find George’s Thanksgiving catering options easily and included a simple form to submit. This allowed George’s to handle over 250 Thanksgiving orders more easily for the customers and the George’s staff. This limits the number of calls, questions, and inquiries that customers have and allows the George’s staff to focus on fulfilling the orders.

In addition to websites, our team created 581 social media posts, 3 logos, and 9 marketing materials. With those impressive numbers, 2022 is quickly coming to a close with over 7,000 social media graphics created so far…Stay tuned for our end-of-year round-up with ALL of our stats for 2022!

While we are staying comfortable and watching the wild weather from our desks, our team has been busy creating for our clients. With the holidays coming up, we would love to work with you to help you market your company to your ideal clients. Focus on your company and what you need to do for the Holiday season, and let us handle your marketing needs!


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