All businesses have a message they want to convey to their customers, and nothing does that better than great copy.

Copywriting is ingrained in marketing, in both companies big and small. Take a look at any brand’s website, and you will see copy.

However, there’s a difference between good copy, and great copy.

Good copy makes sure a website has quality content. Great copy takes your message and expresses it easily, artfully, and effectively. This kind of copy is the copy that sells. It stays in a reader’s mind, and effortlessly prompts them to take an action like making a purchase on your website.

You won’t want good copywriting when you know great copywriting exists.

Here’s what great copy does for your business:

  • It instantly informs – Your website visitors need to understand the products or services that your business offers. Great copywriting can easily explain what you do, in a language that is understandable to your potential customers. When someone easily understands what you do, it’s much easier for them to decide if your product or service is the right fit for them.


  • It’s effortlessly engaging – Capturing the attention of someone that visits your website is crucial. People have very short attention spans, and you only have a few seconds to engage them when they first visit your website. Great copy will entice someone to read on, stay on your website and learn more about your business. The more time someone spends on your website, the closer they come to making a purchasing decision.


  • It delights your readers – Vibrant and exciting copy jumps out to your readers and instantly humanises your brand. Instead of coming across like a boring corporate business, your website can be filled with the energy of you and your team. When a reader is able to relate to you and feel closer to your business through your copy, it can be a powerful trust factor for them.


  • It converts – Persuasive copy is used when you’re looking to convert a website visitor into a customer or a subscriber. This is the point where you’re asking someone to take an action, and great copy can do that. It could be to directly make a purchase, send an enquiry or subscribe to your email newsletter. Powerful persuasive copy is the difference between a website doing “okay” and a website that is successful.


  • It builds trust – Every business wants to build a better relationship with their customers. You can use your copy to nurture and grow your customer relationships. Sharing value, stories, and thought points through your content is an excellent way of building and nurturing a customer relationship. For example, you could choose to share a tip that your customers could action today and receive an immediate benefit in their own businesses or lives.

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