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Greater Waco Sports Commission came to us, as a referral from Midway Little League, desperately wanting to revamp their existing website. Overwhelmed with over 100 pages and a confusing layout, Kate got to work on creating a unique and cutting-edge design for their new website.


Caryn Brown
Kate Blevins

Isbella Nally
Katie Smith


Website Creation

Greater Waco Sports Commission aims to provide relevant information and resources about local sporting events, organizations, and venues. That being said, Mike wanted to condense the information on their previous site, display relevant information clearly, and target locals and visitors to Waco.

Kate and Isabella worked together to analyze the previous website and gathered information to meet with GWSC to discuss what should be moved to the new site. While this process can be somewhat tedious, it is essential to ensure that the site helped reach the goals established while not losing any SEO from the previous site.

Kate designed three different website layouts and designs and worked with GWSC to narrow it down to one design that was best for the site. Kate stayed in close contact with GWSC, ensuring an excellent relational foundation was built as they provided feedback on each step of the process. Once the new user-friendly site was launched, Kate continued to work with GWSC, showing them how to update the site themselves.

While working on this project, Kate loved learning so much about Waco, and since she worked so closely with Mike and Emily, at GWSC, she realized just how passionate they are about making a difference in the community through sports.

“I recommended y’all to another organization even just yesterday, so thank you for your continued hard work! I’ve been really appreciative of your services.”

Mike Vogelaar

Greater Waco Sports Commission

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