After seeing the work we did with Midway Little League, Scott Robison of Robison Construction approached us in need of a new website. The father-son duo wanted to create a more user-friendly site showing their recent work and encouraging local businesses to reach out for their services.


Caryn Brown
Katie Smith
Kate Blevins


Website Creation

Since Robison Construction focuses on larger-scale projects, they wanted a way to show off the work they have done and keep their site updated with projects they finish. Kate took this as an excellent opportunity to create project posts, where Randy and Scott gave us information on their projects. Katie takes the information from Randy and Scott to create copy about each project, emphasizing the special touches Robison adds to their projects.

As a local business, with a team that cares deeply about how their clients think about their work, Kate added value to the site by adding highlighting reviews throughout the pages. Even though the company is family-owned, they care so much more about representing their clients than themselves, so Kate used this as a chance to include a call to action on the site to keep the focus on clients reaching out and working with Robison Construction, instead of just learning about Robison.

While working on creating their website, Kate enjoyed seeing how creative Robison Construction is and all the amazing projects they’ve done in our community and beyond!

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