The Deaton


The Deaton Agency came to us, following a referral from Di Campli’s, in need of a website to suit their needs.


Caryn Brown
Kate Blevins
Katie Smith


Website Creation

Bobby and Joshua Deaton, the father-son duo, sat with Kate to talk about their goals for their new site, notably branding, fonts, colors, and what the Deaton’s wanted to be highlighted. The Deaton’s had specific requests on what they envisioned being included on their new site. Bobby and Joshua wanted the site to be clear, concise, and easy for users to navigate. Their most important ask? To show off their services and make them relevant for all site visitors. Lastly, they requested a way for current clients to easily access their insurance providers and compare coverages to ensure they receive the best insurance.

Kate and her creative mind got to work and put together a unique and easily navigable website for users to experience. The Deaton Agency has a lot of information to tell their clients but didn’t want potential customers to be overwhelmed on the website. Kate worked to ensure that the information on the site was adequate and informative without being overwhelming for a site visitor. To achieve this, she provided several links to other sources and clearly described Deaton’s goals for their agency. Katie then took information from their original site alongside information from Bobby and Joshua to create fresh copy for their new website. 

Their new website is user-friendly and easily guides new visitors through the process of learning about the company, who they are, and what they offer. Kate enjoyed working with Bobby and Joshua because she got to see just how passionate they are about their agency and clients and was able to help them create a site that helped current and new clients find reliable coverage options– which was essential to the Deatons.

“Thank you again for all your help and guidance throughout this process. Scary to think of what this would look like without you all!”

Joshua Deaton

The Deaton Agency

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