beyt OMr 


When Ginger of beyt OMR came to us for new branding and a new website, Caryn and Katie worked together to create a unique and informative website for Ginger.


Website Creation

beyt OMR is a place that believes in healing from the inside out and provides services such as photobiomodulation. Ginger’s services can be complex to comprehend, so Katie created copy from Ginger’s original website and from meetings with Ginger that would inform patients of what services Ginger provides– while making it understandable and informative.

Ginger not only has beyt OMR, but subbrands of the company, which she wanted to be displayed on the website. Besides displaying that, Katie wanted to keep a comforting and healing vibe on the website, so using the branding, Katie found ways to make the site feel more personalized, such as “signatures” from sections written by Ginger, using the home logo, and warmer colors.

Allowing clients to understand the process of meeting with Ginger was important, so Katie and Caryn worked together to create a timeline section that helps clients understand what to expect and what their first steps in the process are. Additionally, this website has a place for clients to book a call with Ginger to begin their process.

Katie enjoyed working on this project because she could tell how passionate Ginger was about the work she did and her desire to heal people.

“I have no words.
Only tears.
Yes, this is what my heart has been trying to convey. So for you both to simply pick up the reigns and design….thank you. I absolutely love it. Know this is very much the soul of what I’ve been trying to communicate. This is very, very good.”

bety OMR

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