The challenge of . . .

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. . .helping build respected brands and trusted business relationships is something I enjoy and strive to achieve. My job is all about combining great ideas and business awareness to create a strategy, be it for web design or social media marketing.

I’m a one-woman shop in Waco, Texas, because I’ve found that’s the best way for me to work. I have surrounded myself with others in my field and have no problem bringing in help when a project needs it.

I look for clients that understand that when I listen, I question, and I dare, together we can create creative work that not just looks great, but is a solution to engage and drive results.


How I Got Here . . .

clockI have been designing websites since 1999 and I have truly enjoyed the changes brought about in the past few years that allow my clients the ability to have greater control over the content on their sites.

I began leading the Waco Social Media group in 2008 and I have turned it into a vibrant community. Before moving into consulting full-time in 2012, I did social media for the largest non-profit student loan company in America, so I’ve worked on the corporate side as well.

Millions of Stolen Logins Sold For Under A Dollar

The tech community was buzzing this morning with the news that over 40 million, never disclosed before, stolen logins were for sale for 50 Rubies (about $0.75) in Russia's criminal underworld. Reuters, along with many other news organizations reported this morning...

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Creating Family Internet Rules

While much of our childhoods were spent outdoors and under the watchful eye of our parents. These days, almost every teen has many ways to get online: via smartphones, tablets, and laptops, all of which can be used in private. Without parents knowing, teens are...

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Social Media for Social Good

I spoke today at the Meals on Wheels Texas Conference.  Below are my notes for those that attended my session or for anyone that is looking for resources for nonprofits using social media. Social Media Breakfasts In Texas: Austin Dallas Houston San Antonio Waco...

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