Custom Health Waco

When Custom Health Waco came to us looking for a new website, they had only the beginnings of their logo design. Since we are problem solvers, we rolled up our sleeves and put together a branding package that not only finished their logo but also set a consistent tone across their digital and printed presence.


Kayla Seale
Caryn Brown
Kate Blevins



Logo Design
Graphic Design
Website Design
Print Design

Creative Process


Marketing strategy

Custom Health Waco is all about service and we wanted their brand to reflect that. As we spent time in their space, we couldn’t help but notice their distinctive wallpaper. We realized that tying this beautiful design into their branding would create a brand that reflected Custom Health Waco. It was more than just visual consistency, it became a coherent story across every customer touchpoint, making the brand not just seen, but felt. This wasn’t just about creating a design—it was about crafting a brand that resonates with their clients. 

Building the Brand

Our mission was clear – to have their brand echo their exceptional office aesthetic. It started by creating a detailed illustration of the wallpaper, an element we could sprinkle across their marketing materials – think ads, their beautiful new website, and those essential business cards. The bird already perched in their logo wasn’t our creation, but we chose a font that flew in unison with it.  This is how we created branding magic at Digital Media Butterfly and give you a brand that stands out from the noise!

The Perfect Palette

Being a health-centered service, it was essential for the brand to evoke feelings of trust, safety, and reliability. Calming shades of blue were the perfect fit. It’s gentle. It’s trusting. It’s reliable. Just like the commitment Custom Health Waco has to its clients’ wellbeing.  By being intentional with our choice of blue, we ensured at every touchpoint—visitors experienced the tranquil, trustworthy, and reliable ambiance that defines Custom Health Waco. 

Custom Illustration

We aimed to make the brand instantly identifiable, so we crafted an illustrated replica of the memorable wallpaper that graces the walls of Custom Health Waco’s office. Tweaking the color a touch allowed us to showcase the brand personality we envisioned.

Business Cards

Our concept for their business cards was simple – we wanted our visually striking custom illustration to be the background on both sides. This created beautiful business cards where their branding can shine.

Website Design

In creating their website, our choices were purposeful and deliberate. We again used the custom illustration as the header background so it would be the first thing you see, offering a warm digital welcome to visitors.

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