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McLennan county
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When we took on McLennan Community Investment Fund (McCIF) as a client, they wanted help on creating their brand, logo, social media and online presence.


Caryn Brown
Kallie Redding
Kate Blevins
Lexi Masarweh


Social Media Content

Creative Process

When talking about their social media, McCIF wanted to get the word out about their organization and to encourage community support.

Content Templates

Our team created their “Get to Know You” template, which highlights McCIF employees. Another template we use is to promote their services they offer such as small business loans, loans for equipment, working capital, accounts receivable, fixed interest rates and business technical assistance.

Continued Work

As we continue to create posts for McCIF’s social media, we enjoy watching the organization grow and the positive affect they have on the community.


Project Promotion

Our team focuses on creating graphics and posts for McCIF. We love designing the “Get to Know You” posts. The purpose of these posts is for the community to emotionally connect with the employees and to learn more about the people running the organization. Digital Media Butterfly is passionate about helping businesses grow and seeing the legitimate impact our clients make in the community. 

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