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While Pat Farmer was creating her real estate business, she came to us to begin her social media presence.


Caryn Brown
Katie Smith


Social Media Content

Creative Process

Because of her brokerage and being a realtor, there were specific guidelines Katie had to follow to create Pat’s social media posts.

Content Templates

Beginning with ensuring she used Pat’s logo, contact information, and the brokerage logo in every post, Katie was able to create fun and professional posts for Pat Farmer. By using different design elements and a color scheme, Katie created informative and engaging posts for Emerald Salt Life.

Continued Work

By incorporating National days, home buying and selling tips, and insight into Pat’s life, Katie created a social media presence that allowed followers and potential clients to not only get to know Pat better but understand the process of selling and buying a home.

“I enjoyed working on this project because it was a way to create compelling graphics and social media posts while staying within branding guidelines, which was a unique challenge.”

Katie Smith

Content Specialist, Digital Media Butterfly

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