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In Fall 2021, the Baylor Law School approached us for help on their social media accounts. Kate’s analytical mind quickly went to work on figuring out how to help Baylor Law reach their target demographics and see improved performance on their social media accounts.


Caryn Brown
Kate Blevins


Social Media Content

Creative Process

Kate began by creating an initial month’s worth of posts based on suggestions from the Baylor Law School team and was able to determine a system that worked alongside other accounts to increase the optimization of social media outreach.


The team at Baylor Law gave Kate a list of posts for her to create, and she would then present said posts and campaigns in monthly client meetings. Kate enjoyed working with Baylor Law because it gave her so much new experience and helped her stretch her creativity.


Since the Baylor Law School follows its own branding and Baylor University’s branding guidelines, Kate had to consistently be aware of what language she used when creating content and stay within guidelines for their social media accounts.


Social Media Content

By talking with the team at Baylor Law School, we discovered that to help their social media the best, we needed to create highly engaging, professional graphics. This includes get to know the staff posts, information about their programs, and event promotions. 

Corporate Voice and Imaging

Our team worked closely with both Baylor Law School and Baylor University, to ensure that our marketing materials stayed within the brand guidelines and to follow the existing branding for them.

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