George’s Restaurant

George’s Restaurant began working with us in 2018 to increase their marketing presence.


Caryn Brown
Kallie Redding
Renell Jones
Kate Blevins


Graphic Design
Social Media Content
Social Media Ads
Print Ads
Website Design

Creative Process

Working with George’s, we collaborated on creating a personalized marketing plan that includes content that is consistent and more interactive with users to increase follower engagement.

Marketing presence

While George’s is a Waco staple, it was important to them that their marketing reflected that they are more than just another restaurant, that they are a restaurant where you can be a “regular” and a place for all sorts of events.

Communicating Services

Everybody in town knows that George’s is famous for their Big O’s and chicken fried steak, but not many people knew that George’s offered catering and event spaces, so it was very important that their marketing showed that they offer more than just sit down meals. This was to help showcase what George’s has to offer.

Consistent Voice and Imaging

George’s iconic green and gold colors are recognizable by many in the Waco community, so it was important that their marketing materials are consistent and represent their brand properly. Utilizing those colors and the same font, colors, and design elements was vital to staying true to their voice and image as a restaurant.

“Their attitude is we want to build our company, we want to grow our company, and we’re going to take care of people. And that’s how we built George’s”

Sammy Citrano

President , George's Restaurant Incorporated



Social Media Content

We created a social media strategy based on what would be beneficial for the customers to know, with a mix of fun and engaging content. At the beginning of each month, a post is shared that includes the daily lunch specials for the entire month. At the beginning of every week, a post is shared as a reminder of the lunch specials for that week.

Social Media Engagement

Analyzing and creating intentional social media posts to reach a broad range of George’s audience, as well as asking questions in the posts. This led to an increase in engagement because their followers were invested in the content of their posts. 

Review Responses

We monitor and respond to George’s reviews to ensure their reputation is upheld and their customers are pleased with their service.


We created an updated website using the consistent branding and design elements we established for them.  Easier access to their daily specials, catering information, and location information on the website provides a better user expericence for their customers.

Georges's Website

Print Ads

The print ads we have designed for George’s have been cohesive, while still making each unique and including photos of specific items they wanted to market.

George's 2022 Modern Texas Living Ad

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