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beyt OMR came to us looking for help creating logos, a website, and other marketing materials for their company.


Caryn Brown
Katie Smith


Graphic Design
Print Products

Creative Process

A business that is built on helping heal your body from the inside out, beyt OMR has its main brand and four active sub-brands. Ginger of beyt OMR met with Katie and Caryn to explain what each of these brands is and their goals.

Katie and Caryn worked together to create a logo for beyt OMR that emphasized their tagline, “the house of fruit and promise,” while creating a logo that can be used consistently for the sub-brand logos. In doing so, they took beyt OMR’s previous logo as inspiration and created a new, cleaned-up design of the home and their name.



To create the sub-brands: Healing Serum, Healing Light, Healing Kitchen, and Rucy-Roo and Effels Too, Katie and Caryn came up with an icon to represent each of the brands and a color scheme that compliments each other while correlating with the idea of each brand. In doing so, they found that keeping the “home” element in each logo and adding the individual icon in each would create the consistency they wanted while still allowing each to have its own distinct look.

Healing Serum
Healing Light
Healing Kitchen
Rucy-Roo and Effels Too

With feedback and edits from Ginger, Katie and Caryn were able to make four sub-logos that follow the same branding as beyt OMR as a whole and differentiate each sub-brand from one another. These logos are self-sustainable but able to go side by side with the overarching logo without being too much or too different.

Brand Labels

Ginger of beyt OMR not only provides services but products to her clients to help them live a better life from the inside out. She came to us to create labels for her serums, sprays, and dog supplements to share with her customers. 

Branding decisions

To begin, Katie had to take what Ginger originally used for the labels and alter them into beyt OMR’s branding. Adding the instructions, new elements (such as the GMO-Free design element), and beyt OMR’s logo’s into them. 


Consistent Voice and Imaging

For the nasal spray and the serum labels, Katie had to ensure that the information was still legible in different sizing and on a smaller scale for the nasal spray label. When it came to the Rucy-Roo and Effels-Too labels, Katie designed the front to be similar to what Ginger was originally using and then wrote the copy for the back that gave information on what the supplement is, along with the serving sizes. 

As a whole, I enjoyed this project because it was creating an item for Ginger’s products that identified them as hers and implementing the logos that I had designed into the labels.”

Katie Smith

Content Specialist, Digital Media Butterfly

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