American Plaza

The property manager of American Plaza, Karen, came to us wanting to create a logo for American Plaza to allow her to have personalized business cards and use other marketing materials for the plaza. 


Caryn Brown
Katie Smith


Graphic Design
Print Products

Creative Process

Karen came to us knowing she wanted to incorporate something about the building and its interior remodel into the logo, so Katie and Caryn looked at the renderings of the remodel and found that the new hanging circles inside the lobby of the building, visible to passersby through large windows would be perfect.


Marketing strategy

Working together, Katie and Caryn created options to give Karen that included the abstract shape of the circles. Through a process of feedback and edits, Katie and Caryn were able to find a fun and visually pleasing way to incorporate the circles into the logo.

Brand decisions

Simple and sleek, yet unique and interesting, the American Plaza logo includes an homage to the building itself and its name to allow people to connect to the hanging circular light fixtures inside the building and to associate that circular design with the building.

Consistent Voice and Imaging

With many visitors coming to the plaza daily, a digital directory near the elevators features the logo, along with the business manager’s business card featuring the logo.

Since the American Plaza building is where our office is located, it was an honor to be asked to create a logo for them. We knew that this meant we would be able to walk into the building and see the logo every morning, and it’s a fun way to show off our work!”

Katie Smith

Content Strategist, Digital Media Butterfly

Business Cards

After creating a logo for American Plaza, the property manager, Karen, wanted to create business cards that incorporated the logo.

Knowing we needed to include the logo, the contact information, and a special request from Karen being lines to write notes on the back, Katie and Caryn worked together to create a visually appealing and functional business card. Including the same colors as the logo, we incorporated them into the business card to make a smooth and modern design, highlighting the contact information.

Including lines on the back of the card, along with Karen’s name and the logo, allows for quick notes in a conversation with somebody. Without feeling overwhelming, the American Plaza business cards include every detail requested by Karen plus more and remain visually appealing.

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