As my senior year of college approached, I needed to find an internship to meet my degree requirements. In a turn of luck, I ended up at Digital Media Butterfly as a Copywriting Intern. I immediately learned that this internship would be more than just an internship for me.

I was only required 120 hours at my internship site, but after a full semester, my passion for copywriting and content specialization was discovered. Through my internship, I not only learned that I genuinely love writing and have found a way to turn it into a career, but I grew. As a college student, I grew in how to communicate and do work outside of academia. As a worker, I learned to collaborate with my coworkers and clients to create the best content. As a person, I continue to learn how to present myself, my work, and many more things.

One of the most valuable things I’ve learned is from Caryn, who constantly stresses that creativity is a muscle and that we need to stretch it. I love this idea because being in a workplace that requires so much creativity– it’s comforting to know that it builds upon itself and continues to grow- if you allow it.

Caryn and Kallie included me from my first day here, aiding me in content creation and writing. They trusted me to use my creative knowledge to create. Digital Media Butterfly is truly a fun and extraordinary workplace. The office environment is consistently welcoming and exciting, and it’s one that thrives on collaboration between us and learning from one another.

One of the biggest comforts is the opportunity to start working here full time after I graduate in May. This job is the first “real world job” I have had, and I am so thankful for this opportunity. Digital Media Butterfly has taught me that I can turn my passion into my career and that I can help clients make their visions come to life.

For what was supposed to be just 120 hours of an internship, Digital Media Butterfly turned into a job that I love so much. I am so thankful to have Caryn and Kallie’s guidance in the workplace and in such a transformative time of my life right now. Digital Media Butterfly cares so deeply about each and every one of its employees and clients, and I feel lucky to have had this experience.

– Katie Smith, Copywriting Intern