Women are a dynamic group of people. We are moms, caregivers, wives, organizers, administrators, artists, healthcare professionals, economists, missionaries, teachers, leaders, world-changers, CEOs, and so much more. Women refuse to fit into one role, even when society tells us to. We are brave enough to change the social norms and determined enough to reach seemingly impossible goals.

Digital Media Butterfly has been run by women since it was founded in 2012. Women who exhibit both a creative mindset and a business mindset. Women who empower one another to be everything they were created to be. We especially wouldn’t be the women we are today without finding inspiration and encouragement from women who have gone before us.

Hear from our team what women we admire the most:

Gwynne Shotwell

Mine is Gwynne Shotwell, COO of SpaceX because she is one of the women rocking the tech world!

-Caryn Brown

Meghan Markle

I think Meghan Markle is the perfect trio of elegance, fashion, and determination.
I’m a big fan of Meghan’s fashion sense and admire how she uses her platform to support women’s rights and social justice.

-Kallie Redding


Emma Chamberlain

I’m inspired by Emma Chamberlain because she’s so relatable and unapologetically herself at all times. Her content brings this sense of comfort because of how transparent and real she is, even in the public eye. She started out making funny YouTube videos and fashion haul vlogs, but after building a huge following, she took a break from creating content and opened up about mental health and the pressures of social media. Along with starting her own coffee business, she’s been a key influencer in fashion trends simply by wearing whatever she likes. She’s even attended the Met Gala and worked with Louis Vuitton and Vogue in editorial shoots.

-Renell Jones

Taylor Swift

I’m inspired a lot by Taylor Swift. Even after years of controversy and being hated, Taylor worked hard to recreate her image and be who she wants to be. She creates deeply-intertwined songs, and is currently taking back the power of her own music by re-recording her songs. I think that she is a great person for young women to look up to for an example of confidence, self-image, and how to handle drama. 

-Katie Smith


Marilyn Monroe

I really admire Marilyn Monroe! She was a brilliant woman and worth so much more than her looks—she was a kind, incredibly strong, and talented person. 

-Piya Patel


Emma Watson

I am inspired by Emma Watson! I grew up watching her as Hermione Granger on Harry Potter, and am inspired by her now as a true activist. As an ambassador for U.N. Women, she launched the HeForShe campaign, the aim of which is to bring more men into the feminist fold, because gender equality benefits everybody.

-Kate Blevins

Looking forward, the women of Digital Media Butterfly hope to be an inspiration to others both in the workplace and in our homes.