What do we love about women? Well, we love the strength, independence, and tenacity they possess. As women, we are healthcare professionals, economists, missionaries, teachers, industry leaders, world-changers, CEOs, administrators, artists, moms, and so much more. No woman plays a singular role in society- we all wear many hats. Our determination, compassion, and innovative thinking have led to great strides in the modern world.

As a women-run company, we wanted to take the time to share the women that have inspired us. Digital Media Butterfly has been run by women since it was founded in 2012. We are determined to be women who exhibit creative and business mindsets and empower one another. We hope by sharing the women who have inspired us, you can see some more great things women have done.

Hear from our team what women we admire the most:

Gwynne Shotwell

Mine is Gwynne Shotwell, COO of SpaceX because she is one of the women rocking the tech world!

-Caryn Brown

Sadie Robertson

I admire Sadie Robertson. I actually have one of her daily calendars at my desk right now that my Grandma gave me. Each day says something inspirational from Sadie. I admire that she is so passionate about spreading positivity, encouragement, love, and most importantly; God’s word. 

-Kallie Redding


Aubrey Plaza

I admire Aubrey Plaza for her roles as an actress but mainly because she’s so real on and off screen. Her blunt, sarcastic personality is so relatable to me. I love how she naturally carries her dry-humor into her work and can show no emotion. Her comedic delivery really is beyond!

-Renell Jones

Dr. Temple Grandin

Dr. Temple Grandin is truly inspirational to me. Not only did she invent a low-stress method of moving cattle that is extremely effective, but she is a keynote speaker at events across the country. She is a woman in a field where being a woman usually hinders a career, and that’s not even the most impressive part. She does all of this while managing her Autism.

-Kayla Seale



A woman I admire is Zendaya. From her days on Disney Channel to starring in Dune, Zendaya has given each role the same amount of respect and depth. In the fashion world, Zendaya has quickly become an icon. I love that whether she is wearing sweats or high fashion, she is bold in her choices and confident in who she is.

-Caroline Bradley

Looking forward, the women of Digital Media Butterfly hope to be an inspiration to others both in the workplace and in our homes.