For the new iOS 14 Apple update, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are now required to ask users for their permission to use tracking for ads. Though this may seem like a good thing at face value, asking apps to not track your activity not only diminishes your experience as a user, but it also can negatively affect businesses by diminishing their advertising outreach.

Below, we’ve given some of our top reasons on why we like Facebook’s targeted ads—and why you should, too.


Privacy, Tracking Cookies, and Targeted Ads

With the iOS 14 update, before you can continue using the desired platform, a pop-up appears on the screen informing users of the new update. In the short, informative paragraph, it includes a description of the version of iOS, explains where information on your search activity is found, and what it will be used for, such as to:

  • Give you more personalized ads
  • Contribute to a charge-free Facebook or Instagram
  • Curate targeted ads that help businesses that rely on ads reach potential customers

Though “tracking” may give some the idea that their location, privacy, or other information could be compromised, this is not the case. The information used to personalize your experience cannot be shared or seen by other companies for ad tracking. In other words, it doesn’t breach or affect your safety or allow others to see shopping, browsing, or any other personal information.


User Experience

Whether or not you choose “Ask App not to Track” or “Allow,” for Facebook and Instagram alike, there will still be cookie, data, and activity tracking occurring, as well as ads. The only thing that will change is the accuracy of the ads. Instead of relevant and helpful advertisements appearing on your account, the algorithm will have to estimate what it thinks you will like based on less accurate information and data, producing potentially more irritating and random advertisements rather than helpful or relevant ones.

Enabling permission to track some of the data on your device to improve ads not only improves the user experience by curating ads that are accurate and personalized to you, but it also supports businesses that rely on ads to promote their product to potential customers like you! Additionally, targeted ads are a great way to ensure that platforms like Facebook and Instagram continue to stay free of charge.


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