The world of Social Media is a fast-moving, constantly changing world.  Trying to stay on top of everything can feel like moving the wrong way on an escalator.  Part of my job as a social media strategist is to sort thru all the streams of information and help my clients identify not only the best social media tools for their business, but also the trends within those social media tools.

Here are some social media trends that I have noticed in the last 6 months:

  1. Content Still Matters
  2. Visual Content Rules the Roost
  3. Facebook is Still the King
  4. Twitter is Increasing in Popularity
  5. Big Data Means (and Needs) Personalization
  6. Video Marketing is Exploding
  7. Google and the Cloud Mean We Remember Less
  8. Consumers are Wanting to Unplug (But Not Actually Doing It)
  9. Forums and Geo-Location Services Use is Declining
  10. Use of Daily Deal Sites is Declining

Over the next few days I will dig into each of these topics further.  Stay Tuned!