We were honored to speak at the Hewitt Chamber‘s luncheon today on Social Media Best Practices.  Here’s our top 11 Social Media Best Practices, to help you up your Social Media game.

It’s not a Megaphone . . . It’s a Conversation

Don’t forget to ask questions and engage on social media.  It’s not just a megaphone to share your information, it a tool for a conversation with your customers.  Talking with your customers on social media is the best way to build trust.

Respond Promptly

Customers want to know that you are paying attention to what they have to say.  In the social media realm, that means responding promptly to requests made through social media.  Set aside time, daily, to respond to social media requests and reviews (positive and negative).

Ask for Help

Feeling overwhelmed creating content for social media?  Ask for help from the others in your office.  Most people will gladly share their ideas about what you could post on social media.  Don’t forget to ask those who answer your phones.  If there is a common question that people keep calling in with, make a social media post to get the word out about it!

Share the Love

Got a great review?  Kudos from a customer?  Share those conversations!  Check out Google’s Small Thanks to help share reviews from your Google My Business page.

Stop Posting and Hoping

Still trying to figure out the best time to post?  Take a look at your past posts and see when you got the most engagement.  Use those times as a guide for when you post upcoming social media posts.

Monitor to Optimize and Succeed

Monitor your social media presence to see what is working and reaching your customers (and what isn’t).  Don’t be afraid to make changes when your plans aren’t getting you good results.

Make Technology Your Friend

Enlist the help of tools to schedule your social media posts.  Use tools like canva and Adobe Spark to create captivating images and videos.  This will make your day-to-day posting jobs easier and more efficient.

Set Your Goals to Measure Your Success

Set goals for what you want to accomplish with social media.  Review your social media accounts often to make sure that you are making the most of the time you are putting into social media.

Post Consistently

Decide how often you want to post on social media and schedule your posts accordingly.  Consistency is the key with social media, slow and steady wins the race!

Learn About Your Customers

Want to know something about your customers?  Just ask, most customers like to feel like they contribute to the companies they do business with, so utilize social media to ask questions of those that have already shown an interest in your company.

And Lastly, Have Fun!

When you’re genuinely enjoying social conversations with your followers, your conversations will be more authentic and engaging.

Want to Have Us Manage this for you?

We would love to visit with you about how we can help you with your company’s social media strategy (or any digital marketing strategy for that matter), just send us a message!