Let’s explore a simple yet powerful tool your website might lack —an events calendar. This might be the transformative feature you need to elevate your digital presence! At Digital Media Butterfly, we solve complex topics and make digital marketing accessible and understandable. 

Why an Events Calendar?

In today’s era, having an interactive website is paramount. Yet, an often overlooked but powerful tool is an events calendar or dedicated event page. This simple addition to your website can serve as a centralized point for all the key details about your various events, thereby saving significant time and, occasionally, unnecessary frustration.

Let’s check out some examples on our client’s websites:

George's Restaurant Bar & Catering

Since George’s offers rotating daily specials every day of the month, an events calendar makes it easy for customers to plan their visits to get their favorite dishes that are not on the everyday menu. 

Result? Customers can quickly find out when their favorite dish will be on the lunch specials, and the restaurant gets a palpable booking boost. It also helps excite customers to come to the restaurant when their go-to dish is on the specials.


King's Chicken Wings

King’s Chicken Wings offers a “Wing of the Week” promotion to keep the menu fresh and exciting. The rotating flavors can be easily seen on the website, allowing customers to prepare for an upcoming visit. 

By employing a dynamic events calendar, King’s Chicken Wings can easily show the wing of the week dynamically without having to update it at a certain time each week, as they can schedule flavors in bulk. 


Robinson Chamber of Commerce

The calendar on the Chamber’s website is a convenient tool for residents and business owners to stay informed about upcoming local activities and network opportunities. This detailed schedule allows community members to effectively plan to attend events relevant to their interests and needs.

The Robinson Chamber of Commerce can seamlessly present various community events and activities using an interactive events calendar. This system ensures that community members have access to the latest information on workshops, meetings, networking opportunities, and more with just a click.


Let's Give Your Events a Digital Home

Having an events calendar on your website is beneficial and essential for fostering customer engagement and smoothing your operations. It cuts the clutter, enhances user experience, and, most importantly, amplifies your message above the digital noise.

With successful stories such as George’s Restaurant and La King’s Confectionery, it’s harder to imagine why you wouldn’t want to give your events a digital home on your website.


At Digital Media Butterfly, we’re all about empowering your business with “Marketing that stands out from the noise.” Let’s work together to make your website an exciting destination your audience cannot resist revisiting. 

Ready to add an events calendar to your website?