Brand Awareness

Fluff Wash + Fold

We began working with Fluff Wash + Fold in October of 2020, to increase the Greater Waco area’s knowledge about what their business does, reach more people, and social media presence. 


Caryn Brown
Kallie Redding
Piya Patel


Social Media Content
Marketing Materials

Creative Process

Working with Fluff Wash + Fold, our solution was to create tangible marketing materials, social media strategies, and content that would increase brand awareness and follower engagement.

Brand Awareness

Our goal was to share Fluff Wash + Fold’s pickup and drop-off laundry services, increase the community’s knowledge about what their company does, and reach more people.

Communicating Services

We wanted to make sure that Fluff Wash + Fold’s services and details about their business were included in their content. This was done by including information such as their pricing breakdown per pound, that they have hypoallergenic soaps for sensitive skin, and more helpful information that the public might not know.


CLient personas

We met with Fluff Wash + Fold to go through our client persona process. Doing this allows our team to create graphics that reach Fluff Wash + Fold’s target audeince and captions that create engagement.



Social Media Content

Through meetings with the Fluff Wash + Fold team, we have been able to utilize their voice, values, and branding within their social media content. This content includes graphics and captions for multiple social media sites, furthering their brand awareness to the digital world. When creating graphics, we ensure that we utilize their branding colors, logo, and their phone number on every post. Doing this encourages customer engagement and consistent branding for their social media pages.

Social Media Engagement

Utilizing our unique social media graphics for Fluff Wash + Fold, we have created a more engaging platform for their social media. In doing so, it has allowed for more user interaction, communication on what the business offers, and helped gain attraction to their company. We create captions that pose interesting questions and encouraging reviews of their business, and to help customers feel confidence in working with Fluff Wash + Fold. Through our social media strategies of engaging posts, their Facebook page has nearly doubled in likes, and their Instagram continues to grow in followers.

Voice and Image

Before working with us, Fluff Wash + Fold struggled with getting the information on their services out in their marketing.  Our team has worked to ensure that their social media and other marketing collateral make it clear that they are a laundry pick up and delivery service and a friendly place to do business with.  Additionally, we made sure to communicate their values outside of just the business to help create user engagement and further interest in their business.

Fluff Wash Fold Rack Cards

Marketing Materials

One of the marketing deliverables we created for Fluff Wash + Fold was rack cards. In creating the cards, we focused on the most important aspects of what Fluff Wash + Fold does as a company. In doing so, we aimed to make sure that any basic questions were answered on the card, contact information was included, confirming that the design and information would be useful for numerous situations.

Along with rack cards, we created signage for them that is used at the laundromat. This includes vinyl signs within the laundromat that promote and market their business and a sail sign that is put outside of the store to gain customer attention.



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