Pat Farmer came to us looking to create a brand for her real estate business.


Caryn Brown
Kate Blevins
Katie Smith


Graphic Design
Print Products

Creative Process

Pat Farmer is part of Farmer Environmental Group, a long-time client of ours, which is why she chose to work with us- even while living in Florida. Kate met with Pat virtually to understand Pat’s interests and passions better and decided to create a logo with a “Florida” feel to it.


Marketing strategy

Since Pat works in a brokerage, it was important to follow their guidelines but to still give her brand a personalized touch.

Brand decisions

After a couple of rounds of feedback, we were able to create a beautiful and elegant logo with a hidden turtle within it. This not only plays into her business being in Florida but allows for her marketing materials to have a signature on everything– her turtle.

Consistent Voice and Imaging

With the logo, we are able to create a color scheme and other design elements that incorporate it into all of her marketing.

“Thank you for all you’ve done.”

Pat Farmer

Realtor , Emerald Salt Life

Business and Post Cards

Because we have recently completed creating a logo for her, and there were branding guidelines Pat had to follow for her brokerage, Kate had a fun time creating business cards for Pat. Using the logo, Pat’s contact information, and the guidelines, Kate created a sleek and unique design on both the front and the back of the business cards.


In communication with Pat, Kate was able to create these cards that clearly display the contact information and logo for Pat, alongside a headshot of Pat.

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