Copy Marketing

BAM Builders

BAM Builders, a local construction and remodeling company in Central Texas, and longtime clients recently began using more of our marketing services, such as our marketing copy.




While Kallie created their website and regularly adds to it and also creates other marketing needs from BAM, we decided to reach out to them about doing a monthly newsletter and blog posts. Because Caitlyn, Director of Operations, often has too much to share about the home building and remodeling process and why to choose to work with BAM, we thought that creating a monthly newsletter that highlights something that BAM stands for and blog posts written in the style of Caitlyns voice would be perfect for them.

For this, Katie takes the social media posts that Caitlyn has written herself and expands on what she is saying. To create compelling blogs and newsletters to reach their audience, Katie stuck to Caitlyn’s voice and wrote as if somebody was reading only that copy and needed to be convinced to choose BAM Builders.

These blog posts and newsletters offer BAM a new way to interact with their existing and potential clients and create engagements through email, social media, and their website. Katie has loved writing for BAM because they have such a fun personality while holding a tone of professionalism and expertise; BAM allows Katie to be creative in her word choice but still get an important message across.