My journey with Digital Media Butterfly has unconventional origins, to say the least. As a senior at Midway High School, I didn’t expect to have a first work experience so advanced as an internship. However, sending in the application to work for Digital Media Butterfly has proven time and again to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.

In interning with Digital Media Butterfly, I have learned a great deal about the application of my base knowledge of graphic design and business to real work in the marketing world. I have been able to develop websites as well as create social media posts for several clients with the tools and knowledge that DMB has given me. I’ve greatly improved my existing skills as well as learned more than I could have dreamed of doing. I owe this to DMB’s environment, which fosters learning and improvement as well as camaraderie among its employees.

I have been blessed with coworkers and leaders that are kind, considerate, and consistently have helped me to put my best effort into all of the work I do. My coworkers have always been incredibly friendly, and they’ve made interning with DMB a joy that I look forward to every day. Being guided by Caryn Brown and Kallie Redding has also changed my life. They have always considered my input and worked to make me feel valued in the office, and they have encouraged me to think outside of the box and be creative. Because of them, I feel properly equipped for whatever sort of work my future has in store for me.

This fall, I’m beginning my freshman year at Baylor under the Business Fellows major. It’s safe to say that I’m incredibly excited, and with the foundational tools that working with DMB has taught me, I feel ready to meet my college experience head on. Thank you, Digital Media Butterfly, for giving me a work experience unlike any other!


– Piya Patel, Marketing Intern