In my final semester at Baylor University, I had the privilege of serving as a Marketing Intern for Digital Media Butterfly. Throughout my four years at Baylor, I’ve interned and worked in several different fields, but my career goals have always lied in marketing and/or public relations. I wanted that career journey to start at a firm.


When I saw the posting for a Marketing Intern at Digital Media Butterfly, I jumped at the opportunity to get my start in this field and to gain invaluable experience and knowledge to take with me into my first full-time job. That is just what this semester-long internship gave me.


From my time at Digital Media Butterfly, I have learned and grown my skills in graphic design, web design, social media marketing and more. My time working on two different client accounts taught me the importance of creating a brand voice and uniformity in branding. It also taught me how to meld my writing and design techniques to a specific brand. As an intern for Digital Media Butterfly, I got to do real work that mattered. I was even given the responsibility to create a website from top to bottom for a client. This not only honed my skills in web design, but doing this real work also made me feel like a valued member of the team. The tasks and projects I completed during my time here will be great resources to display on my portfolio for future job applications and more.  


At Digital Media Butterfly, I was blessed to work alongside three other hardworking and dedicated interns, in addition to having the constant support and guidance from Caryn Brown and Kallie Redding. One of my favorite parts of working here was the workplace culture. Caryn and Kallie always made me feel comfortable asking questions, and they did a great job balancing helping me with tasks while also pushing me to do my best and to learn from experience.


It is not always the case that you can say you enjoy your job, but this semester I was lucky enough to be able to say I did! This experience at Digital Media Butterfly has successfully prepared me to take on my post-grad career, and thanks to my time here, I am eager to take on my next venture in the marketing industry.



—Madison Day, Marketing Intern