As we bid farewell to the past month, it’s time to reflect on our incredible accomplishments and celebrate our successes.We’ve been hard at work this month, tackling some exciting projects and achieving remarkable milestones.

In the past month, we created various marketing pieces for our clients, including:

    • 4 logos
    • 9 marketing pieces
    • 630 social media posts

June also brought us 2 new clients and the completion of 3 websites.

Starting the month strong in website launches, we launched the redesign we did for Job Link. In this redesign, we focused on giving their website a fresh new look and upgraded their copy to focus more on Waco. Check out their website at:


We also got to redesign the George’s website, which we are absolutely loving! In this project, we focused on making the website more modern and functional. We wanted to let the pictures tell the story, incoroporate a timeline, and make the menus easier to navigate. You can visit to see it for yourself.


Lastly, we launched the website for Clint Beatty’s presidential campaign. If you want to see his finished site, take a look here:


Our head butterfly, Caryn, also spoke at the McLennan Community Investment Fund’s Information Buffet about using social media to grow a business. 


As we kick off July, we are already working on some amazing projects that will continue to elevate our services and provide even more value to our clients. 

Do you want to be a part of our July numbers?