During the last semester of my junior year at Baylor University, I had the opportunity to be a marketing intern for Digital Media Butterfly. This was my first internship, and Digital Media Butterfly greatly exceeded my expectations.


My advanced public relations class required an internship for the semester, which had me looking for any marketing or public relations jobs. As soon as I saw the internship listing for Digital Media Butterfly, I immediately applied and was eager to gain experience in this career field.


Interning at Digital Media Butterfly as a marketing intern has equipped me with foundational skills that I know will benefit me in my future endeavors. The benefit of working for a small business is that I can do client work that has a direct impact. Having this responsibility has allowed me to build confidence in my abilities and push me out of my comfort zone.


From website creation to communication skills, I have been blessed to work at a marketing agency that genuinely cares about developing young adults as they slowly move into their careers. I’m currently managing five social media accounts, which involves designing graphics and implementing marketing strategies. I have also helped build websites for Pahmiyer Roofing, Di Campli’s Italian Ristorante, The Tipsy Lion Bar & Grill, Cowboys & Angels Hair Salon, and Central Texas Automation and Control Services. In addition to social media and website creation, I have provided photography services for Di Campli’s Italian Ristorante, George’s Restaurant, Cowboys & Angels Hair Salon, and Margrit Co.


The most notable aspect of this internship was the relationships I built. I had the privilege of working alongside two interns, Camille and Madison. It was fun to learn from one another and collaborate on various projects. The people who made my internship experience even better were my fearless leaders, Caryn and Kallie. I have learned so many things from them, and I can’t thank them enough for their willingness to teach me and for their patience when it’s taking me a little longer to understand something.


I’m thankful to have the opportunity to continue working in an environment that embraces laughter, celebrates hard work, and loves people well.


-Jillian Dunbar, Marketing Intern