While Zoom and other video conferencing tools have given us the ability to work from home and connect with family and friends across the country, all those Zoom meetings can get pretty exhausting. Do you find yourself leaving Zoom meetings feeling tired, frustrated, self-conscious, or bored? If so, you might be experiencing what people are calling “Zoom fatigue.” We’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of lockdown, and for many, working from home is still a reality. If you’re finding it difficult to focus and be productive on video conferences and maybe even experiencing some stress/anxiety we have some tips for you! 

Here are a few tips to fight Zoom fatigue:

  1. Avoid Multitasking

As easy as it is to have Facebook or your email pulled up next to your Zoom screen, try to focus solely on the meeting at hand. Turn your computer on do not disturb so you don’t get distracted by the notifications constantly popping up on your screen. By doing this, you’ll get more out of the experience and will be more engaged in what’s happening. It will also make for a more productive meeting for all parties involved. 

2. Limit Calls Per Day

Plan ahead with your team in order to combine calls or eliminate ones that are unnecessary. Having fewer Zoom calls per day will help you to be more present and focused in the few that you do need to have. Sometimes a quick phone call is enough to get the job done! 

3. Build Breaks Into Your Day

If possible, try not to have back-to-back Zoom calls. Give yourself time to look away from your computer for a few minutes and step outside or enjoy a cup of coffee for ten or so minutes. When you have a longer meeting, turn off your camera for a few minutes to give yourself a second to look away or do a nice stretch. You can still be listening even if you’re not looking directly at the screen. Your colleagues will understand more than you think!

4. Incorporate Icebreakers

Instead of just hopping right into work talk, try to open meetings with a simple greeting like “How was your weekend?” or “Have any plans for this evening?” Having normal conversations such as these helps to create an office-like atmosphere which adds some normalcy back into people’s lives. Even doing a round table of good and bad things of the week can be a fun way to start a meeting.

5. If Working From Home, Put on Work Clothes

Dress for success! Sometimes just getting dressed in the mornings can give you that extra boost of energy and confidence you need to get through the day. Plus, you’ll impress everyone with your stylish attire in your meetings.

The end is in sight, and hopefully, everyone can safely return to their offices soon. But for now, just put on a positive face and do what you can to make the most of your current circumstance.