Goals are helpful because they help us break down what we wish to achieve in manageable steps. It is easy to accomplish tasks as they are assigned, going through the motions. However, achieving growth and accomplishing goals requires commitment and forethought. 

This summer I worked as the marketing intern for Digital Media Butterfly, and there were three goals that I desired to achieve. The first goal that I made was to design and develop a website from start to finish. The second goal was growth in logo design and brand creation. Lastly, I sought to increase social media engagement for the business accounts that I managed. Throughout the summer I had the opportunity to grow and excel in all of these areas. Digital Media Butterfly gave me the freedom to create while helping guide me along strategic marketing paths. 

In addition to accomplishing these goals, I feel that one unique skill that I gained through my internship was adaptability. I witnessed the necessity to adapt to change and respond to cultural events firsthand. The media must always be ready to respond, and in the midst of the midsummer black lives matter protests, one of our clients decided that they wanted to take a stand. Within an hour of the copy being completed and approved by their directors, I delivered options for campaign graphics to the client. Later that evening, the campaign had launched. The copy that the company wanted to share was extensive. We had to be creative in breaking it up into manageable amounts of information for the consumer, while still maintaining the centrality of the message. This is just one example of how our firm was ready and able to adapt to change in cultural climate and respond efficiently.

This summer was formative in developing me as an individual and as a professional. I had the opportunity to help clients respond to social inequality through a Black Lives Matter campaign. I was able to design graphics to put our clients’ customers at ease, in the midst of a pandemic. I created logos and brand design for up and coming businesses, such as Chiota Aviation and Relax Revive Repair Massage. Lastly, I was able to build and launch a website for Chiota Aviation from the ground up, with the help and support of our team. Each of these tasks gave me the opportunity to take initiative, learn new software programs, and strengthen my skills as a marketer within a collaborative team of individuals.