For the spring semester of my junior year at Baylor University, I began searching for my required internship for my Professional Writing and Rhetoric major when I discovered the copywriting intern position for Digital Media Butterfly. Though my internship class didn’t start until the summer, I began the search early and felt so lucky to get the opportunity to write for this wonderful marketing agency.


Despite writing and editing being more in my area of study, I was surprised to learn and develop skills in graphic and web design and enjoy it. Taking on these new challenges and projects taught me how to venture out of my comfort zone, which paved the way for me to discover new interests that would have otherwise never been possible. Even though marketing and graphic design are not a part of my major, I have immensely enjoyed the work I have done in these areas and the opportunities to learn and expand these skills.


Additionally, interning at Digital Media Butterfly provided me with a versatile professional skill set that will benefit me wherever life takes me post-graduation. From opportunities such as sitting in on business meetings, learning and taking the initiative through professional communication and writing, and more, I continue to learn and grow both as a writer and professional through this internship.


Some of my favorite projects that I got to work on were writing:



Each day, Caryn worked with us to help us find and utilize our unique strengths as individual employees and strategize how best to use these talents to work together as a team. Kallie showed me the ropes and continues to be such a kind and resourceful person and supervisor. I couldn’t ask to be on a better team!


During the busier parts of the school year, I had the pleasure of occasionally sharing the workspace with Cara and Madison, and now Jillian. I loved our staff lunches and meetings and the fun chats we had getting to know each other. I am looking forward to doing the same in the fall and spring with the new interns!


Working at Digital Media Butterfly has allowed me to see just how broad the horizon is for me as a writer and person who finds meaning and importance in helping others through my career and skillset. I am so thankful for all the opportunities that I have had here to learn and grow as a student, a professional, and a person, and I cannot wait to see all the wonderful things the future holds.


-Camille Wilson, Copywriting Intern