It was our privilege to speak today at Robinson Chamber‘s luncheon.  We shared our 10 tips to stay ahead of the competition on social media.

Make a Plan

  • Decide how often you want to post on social media and schedule your posts accordingly.
  • Consistency is the key with social media, slow and steady wins the race!

Make Every Post Count

  • Choose QUALITY over QUANTITY!

Look at What's Working

  • Monitor your social media presence to see what is working and reaching your customers (and what isn’t). 
  • Don’t be afraid to make changes (or even drop a platform) when your plans aren’t getting you good results.

Keep Everything Updated

Make sure that all your accounts stay updated with your latest:

  • Bio
  • Cover Photo (or video!)
  • Profile Photo (use your logo!)

Use Logo and Consistent Branding

  • Use your logo on your social media posts.
  • Your offline (print) advertising, website, and social media should all have the same branding and feel.

Keep It Short and Simple

  • Posts under 140 characters have better engagement.
  • Post with emojis get higher engagement.

Use Video

  • Use short (under 45 seconds) video to engage with your audience and tell your story.

Get Personal

  • Post about the people in your organization.
  • Your followers love to see the people behind the company.
  • Share fun facts about your employees (and the company).

Link Back to Website

  • Link back to your website in posts to give more information and drive traffic to your website.

Build, Don't Just Sell

Use Social Media to build:

  • Your Brand
  • A Community
  • Value for your Followers

Wish there was someone to manage this for you?

Look no further, we can handle all your company’s social media (or any marketing needs for that matter)!