February might be a short month on the calendar, but here at Digital Media Butterfly, we’ve certainly packed it to the brim with big wins! Between crafting two eye-catching logos, rolling out ten impactful marketing pieces, and sharing a whopping 575 social media posts, our creative engines have been firing on all cylinders. But that’s not where the story ends; we also welcomed two new clients, the launch of a stunning new website, and our head butterfly, Caryn Brown, captivated business owners at the McCIF Information Buffet with her talk on maximizing social media. Her insights equipped attendees with practical strategies to boost their online presence and drive business growth!

Midway Little League

It was our 6th year doing the Midway Little League site for ordering fan t-shirts! Bailey and Angelle collaborated seamlessly to ensure a smooth and efficient user experience. Powered by Shopify, this user-friendly site simplifies the process of ordering shirts to support Midway Little League’s vital fundraising efforts. As their primary fundraiser of the year, these fan t-shirt sales play a crucial role in supporting the organization’s activities. We look forward to continuing our partnership with this valuable organization, supporting young athletes in their baseball and softball journeys!

And just like that, we’re wrapping up a fantastic February filled to the brim with creativity, growth, and collaboration. Every logo designed, every post shared, and every new partnership formed has been a journey we’ve cherished deeply. We’re truly grateful for each and every one of our clients who’ve placed their trust in us to help their businesses blossom. Your confidence in our team fuels our creative engines and inspires us to push the boundaries of what’s possible in digital marketing.

Thank you for being a part of our February story—we had so much fun and can’t wait to jump into March. Let’s make it another month to remember! 🌟

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