Can you believe the holiday season has already come and gone? Despite the turkey, dressing, and many desserts, our team has been fast-moving on projects for our clients to prepare them for the new year!

December was a website-heavy month for us as we launched three new sites! First, we launched Napa In Your Valley, a company run by Alma, a traveling wine sommelier bringing the Napa Valley wine-tasting experience all over the country. The website displays her services, travel schedule, and in-depth knowledge of the experiences that Alma shares with her clients. Her expertise in the wine industry makes her cutting-edge in her field and makes her wine taste like no other. Kate worked on this website to ensure that the branding kept Alma’s business attractive to all clients and told the story of how Napa Valley exclusivity can be brought to your own home. Kallie created our next two sites for Harrell Real Estate. These sites were built for two sides of their business: Harrell Real Estate Services and Harrell Realty Management Systems. There are more in the pipeline, but these two were made a priority as they are key parts of the Harrell company. Kallie ensured the branding was seamless between all of Harrell’s sites, and Wendy created the copy for both sites, keeping copy tones consistent. You can see the parallels between the sites while noting the business’s different sides.

In addition to websites, our team created 559 social media graphics, 3 logos, and 3 additional marketing materials. With those impressive numbers, we are ready to take on 2023 with over 7,500 social media graphics created so far.

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While we are ringing in the new year, we are working hard to ensure all of our clients have their marketing in full swing for 2023. Focus on your company and what you need to do for the new year, and let us handle your marketing needs! We would love to work with you to help you market your company to your ideal clients.

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