Winnow Wealth Logo and Branding

When Chad Castle and Jessica Burch came to Digital Media Butterfly to rebrand from Nurture Wealth to Winnow Wealth, they wanted their new logo and branding to represent better what their company stands for. Drawing upon the winnowing process, which is removing unwanted impurities and leaving only the best, most essential parts behind, Kallie and Caryn worked with Chad and Jessica to define Winnow Wealth’s mission and branding.


To remove all financial impurities, leaving only time-tested principles and strategies.

Winnow Wealth Mission


When Kallie started brainstorming for this project, she wanted to incorporate wheat stalks, the color Tiffany blue, and a navy color as an accent in their logo. With her creative design wheels turning, Kallie tried many different mockups of different logo designs, fine-tuning the wheat placement with the name “Winnow Wealth” and various color combinations. Finally, Kallie created the stunning new logo with gold wheat stalks and complete with Tiffany blue and navy to match their rebrand colors.

As she worked on this logo design, Kallie really enjoyed marrying the idea of wheat to Winnow Wealth’s classic and chic design elements. She also loved collaborating creatively with Chad and Jessica on incorporating their ideas into the logo while keeping the logo classy and professional so they could best represent their business.



After completing the logo and branding for Winnow Wealth, Kallie worked with our graphic designer to create custom illustrations for their website, including an illustration of the winnowing process and drawings that help visualize what Winnow Wealth believes in.



Head to their website to see the stunning new logo and branding we created for them, at


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