Caryn_Brown_WacoI am a mother of 2 wonderful boys and I have an amazing husband. I living in the heart of Texas and I love turning business owners into digital media butterflies! I am a former IT geek who now spends her days doing social media and web design for my consulting customers and I spend my nights and weekends with my family and my active social media and blogging presence. I am passionate about bringing people together through social media.

  • I enjoy teaching people about digital media and helping them learn how to use it in their everyday lives.
  • I am very involved in digital media and social media here in Waco

How I Got Here . . .

I have been designing websites since 1998 and I have truly enjoyed the changes brought about in the past few years that allow my clients the ability to have greater control over the content on their sites.

I began leading the Waco Social Media group in 2008 and I have turned it into a vibrant community. Before moving into consulting full-time, I did social media for the largest non-profit student loan company in America, so I’ve worked on the corporate side as well.

Caryn’s Recent Projects